Half Life Source Content

So yesterday i got gifted Half Life 1 Anthology, Installed all of the games, played them for a while and then decided to play some gmod and mess with the Half Life Source content. But here’s the problem. The content doesn’t work… When i went in to “Extensions” from the main menu it show that Half Life Source content is UNAVAILABLE. I Validated gmod and hl1 files but that had no effect.
Any way to fix this?

You need Half-Life Source to use Half-Life Source content.

Oh, Thanks.

Funny, one of those “Oh man, that was a dumb question to ask.” moments. |_ () |_

I don’t think it’s worth getting hl1 source just for gmod, not many servers have the content.

Someone who uses |_ () |_ in place of lol shouldn’t be calling anything anyone else does dumb.

This is basically announcing to the forum that you’re 12.

It’s not worth getting it