Half-Life: Source ragdolls not appearing

Whenever I try to spawn a ragdoll from Half-Life: Source, the HL2 version appears instead.

Is there any way fix to this?

Extract the appropriate files and copy them to your garrysmod\garrysmod\ directory so the Half-Life 2 .mdl files will be overwritten.

Are they Gman, Barney, and the fast headcrab?
If they are, them you need to find or make hexed versions.

Silverlans Half-Life SNPC pack has them hexed.

I can’t find it.

And it really doesn’t explain why the HL2 versions appear instead. :frowning:

The Half Life 2 version of, say, Barney, replaces the Half Life: Source version of Barney because they are called the same thing and are in the same place. And seeing as the HL2 models take priority over all other models (as GMod comes with the HL2 models) any models in the same place and the same name get overwritten.

They can’t set override to 0 like they can in addons?

Then you would be back where you started with the HL2 models.

Just use this, It has the ragdolls you want, only hexed.