Half-Life Source Sweps [WIP]

Hello, This is my first addon that i have created. Please give me feedback, suggestions etc. They are uploaded to the Workshop.

There are two different versions for these weapons, one of them has chrome textures and the other one doesn’t. There are no requirements except for having DirectX 9.0c for the chrome version! Since my coding skills are limited, any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Cheers!

Chrome Version

Non-Chrome Version

My Steam Profile

Features Planned:
More Weapons
NPC Weapons
Classic Muzzle Flashes
Classic World Models
Ammo Entites

Weapons included:

Known Bugs:
World models glitched - currently unknown
Crossbow shoots bullets instead of bolts - fixing currently!

Try to put some photos here in the thread instead of just a link. Also good job on it, I will try it out!