Half life themed darkRP server- NDN

As part of a upcoming network of servers due to launch soon a normal DarkRP on downtown v4c .Also a half life 2 themed darkRP server will be started running a undecided map likely to RP CITY 17 on which everything is related to said universe.

If you have any ideas regarding the server post below this is a community enterprise.
Email: nucleardisasterserver@gmail.com


You should make an “original” (I use that word sparingly) rp gamemode that hasn’t been done before.

How so?

Like you make any other gamemode?

I ment what do i base it on

A skeleton gamemode.

If you have little to no coding skills you could also try using a less common rp gamemode, nutscript for example is fairly popular without being so overused. Creating a ‘schema’ or theme for a gamemode is also much simpler than making one from scratch and you can probably find someone to co-run the server and code for you or learn it yourself.

Personally I would suggest learning to code yourself and adding little bits of novel and interesting features to an already existing gamemode that no other server has in order to make it unique (doesn’t have to be big, just small things rather than downloaded stuff from coderhire or whatever that every other server already has). If you do that you have the added benefit of being able to do scripting, which can become handy in a variety of applications.


So what is now?

Not another rp edit… :suicide: