Half of map is invisible

(Also worthy to mention that you can’t physically walk through it without noclipping?)
I am trying to fit this map to work alongside a gamemode but I’ve ran into a severe problem.
While bring fairly inexperienced with hammer I would love some assistance with this problem.
(Ignore the skybox I didn’t have the content at the time)


What it looks like in hammer:

My compile log:

Thank you for any help.

**** leaked ****
Entity prop_static (4033.78 -12339.50 -2416.87) leaked!

I don’t see a skybox on your hammer screenshot, seal your map. Google should tell you plenty about these basics.

There is one, but it does these random pop-ins.

Map > Load point file
Then follow the red line and see where the leak occurs.

I’ve been doing this, it’s been basically saying everything is leaking even though it’s contained in the map.

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Never mind, decided to recreate in lua.


You need to cover ENTIRE map with skybox brushes. It looks like you don’t have “skybox ceiling” at all.