Half-Sized Headcrab

Hello! I’m requesting an exactly half-sized normal headcrab ragdoll, preferably hexed, for some personal picture posin’ madness. I know I can use the Inflator tool to do much the same, but it’d be easier to have one that just comes that size naturally.

Thanks so much for looking at the request, and I hope someone takes up the job.

Why the hell would you want a smaller Headcrab when using the bigger ragdoll of the Headcrab is alot more insane.

Basically a babycrab?

I think a half sized poison headcrab skinned with the “clean headcrab” texture would work best for a baby one.

I think half size, white, and slightly clear would be perfect for a baby headcrab.

Well not necessarily a baby headcrab, don’t need the skin changed… The ‘joke’ of the item would be ‘designer apartment-sized headcrabs’ for people who want them as pets in small houses. So having a normal skinned one half-size…!

*And de-beaked to boot!

I like this idea. If I could, I would happily do it for you.

Would PETA fight against debeaking of headcrabs, do you think?

Do you need beaks to be awesome?

*I’m Mat Richards and I approve of this message.

not debeaking a headcrab=

Really? Was there a point to that bump?

most likely. they freaked out when Pres. Obama killed a fly

Hysterical. Now just to get this done in reverse.