Half The Derma Section Of Gmod wiki missing!

As titles says, why am I getting 404 errors for almost all the Derma controls on the wiki? Is anyone aware of this and if so will it be brought back up shortly as I need them at the moment.

While Im here, does anyone know the control to add a line of pre-defined text in a DFrame??
Like the welcome panel with all the text in dark RP except without the custom skin and fonts, ect.

You mean a DLabel?

Yes, you know what, to spare you all the pain Im sure I can find some other script that uses it and use that as a reference instead of asking you to give an example.

But still, does anyone know why im getting 404’s?

Click here, go to the derma section and tell me if you get a 404.

I did and im still getting 404’s on certain things like ( http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=DForm.AddItem )

If the link is red the page does not exist (no documentation).

Ah, I see, how can this section be so darn incomplete? Almost everything is missing and surely this is stuff commonly used in gmod lua scripting, correct me if Im wrong?

Nobody has the time to test everything.

Or at least write the article about it.

Bunch of lazy bums.


Do what I do.

Go to http://luabin.foszor.com/code

Search for the Panel in question. Find out how it works and then use that.