Half-Track Chassis (WIP)

This is something I’ve been working on over the last few days or so. Basically, I’m working on a trio of half-tracks that have different purposes. I’ve finally gotten the suspension system and chassis I plan to use stable enough, so I might as well post pictures. (Do note, before you scream “PHX fail” this is still beta and the finished products will look nothing like the following:

The Chassis:


Two different systems means two different suspension systems(ignore the thrusters on the back, those are for calibration).

Front Suspension:
Something of my own design. Uses a combination of Prop Slave and Axis Linedraw. Works insanely well too, thanks to a Wire Motor-powered steering system.

Rear Suspension:
A sort of semi-realistic tank tread suspension I devised for future projects. Not sure if it’s been done before with Axis Linedraw, but it works and is very stable. Oh yeah, the treads are a combination of prop wheels and wire wheels that in concert work really well. I’ll just leave it at that.

The Box:
Where I stuck all the wiring. Final products will have it as part of the vehicle but for now I’m just leaving it behind, so to speak.

Thoughts? Comments? I would release a video, but as it turns out, My FRAPs is dead and buried and Source Recorder has this habit of filling my hard drive with .bmp screenshots(and one .mp3 recording) if I leave it running for longer than five seconds. I’m still working on the finished products so feel free to PM me. I might even give you a dupe if you are nice.



[sp]I’ve had a habit of using my new shit to destroy my old shit. I’ll just leave the above here…[/sp]

Pretty sweet, i like your idea. I dont like to dupe peoples work but i would like to learn how to use the axis line tool like you are talking about. Cant wait to see it finished.

You mean them


Looks like wheels to me

Looks like the scale is way off