HalfBreed Armored Wrecker

I haven’t seen a whole lot of halftrack type vehicles or armored trucks, so I combined them.
It can tow approx. 10 tons of wheeled weight( it is wheel powered by the rear tracks). It has enough armor to stop Antimateriel rifle fire and most rocket fire.

Awesome :open_mouth:

Talk about originality.


everyone knows you DONT PULL CARS wITH rOPES

thats what the chain link was made to do

I want to see you making a lagless chainlink in GMod, strong enough to pull a tank.

Without it spazzing to hell.

no way karbine

that is the best fucking thing ive ever seen.

I need to finish mine…

nice avatar i lik it

ps cool truk vroom vroom xD


front reminds me of my flatbed :3

the front looks a little large, prolly if you make it a little smaller, it would be great. otherwise, that’s pretty kickass.

Oh, great like always karbine

Half Tracks are fun.

Here. As a comparison is a LAGGY - UGLY half track I did back in march 2008…


Each rear wheel had an old school independent suspension and it was a tow truck just like yours.

Fast Forward to a year later and here is Candy and my attempt at a german half track. Him on looks me on mechanicals.


I cant find any pictures of the completed version and the awesome video of it driving around. Had an odd system for controlling steering. A combo of realistic steering in the front and power shifting the rear tracks.

hah, a giant 250, nice

Nice thread hijack

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Ah ever heard of not trying to steal a thread?

(User was banned for this post ("Crap reply" - Benji))

I think it’s more of him saying a not-so-lagging truck can be built than him hijacking a thread.

He’s not hijacking the thread. He’s making a comparison to something he did.

Idc what Benj says, bit of a hijack

also scale on the german halftrack is fucked, that thing is massive

How is it a hijack if he is saying his contraption is both laggy and ugly? As for Karbines contraption, the half-track does look good, but the cab seems a bit too long to me.