HalfLambada Playermodels


Now don’t be an Ass.


This is HalfLambada’s personal skins as playermodels, re-done with his permission, enjoy.


Didn’t really require a thread.

This is mainly to show the quote, so people don’t do what the 2nd commenter on the file did (aside from myself) Now if Lambada could just post and say he condoned this…
And judging from the av, you are that person…

Not to be a dick, but who would want someones personal skin as a playermodel?

No clue, but it was more of practice for me, and method testing. Thought someone might want a cool lookin (in my opinion) playermodel and all.

So you said Conch was raging because you could have stolen these and not ask for permission? Seriously? Assuming that some one is raging on something that could have been true was really stupid of you. No need to act like a dick to him if he could’ve been right, but was wrong. But acting like an ass to another for not knowing is kinda pathetic.

You have a point, Probably should have said i had permission (doubt it would have made a difference) But he kept pushing even after I said that I did have permission. Now if you would kindly direct the insults to my inbox, that would be nice.

I was just saying it was stupid of you to say he was raging. That’s all.

I know, thats what I said above.

Well you’re acting like I’m going to keep on posting hate all over this thread. So I don’t get why you assume stuff that wasn’t even close to being right.

Just drop it already, we have already hit an impasse, I was wrong he was right. Damn.