Halfwit-2 is gone

Their site has been suspended for over a week.

Any one ever back it up to save all the tutorials?


Fuck i need that site i use it all the time, is there any archived versions?

Doesn’t have nearly as many tutorials.

This is a shame, I learned a lot from Half-Wit 2. :frown:
Do you think it will come back eventually?

Who needs halfwit-2? I have FIREGOD

same, it was halfwit-2 that though me everything essential

firegod is a bad teacher then.

R.I.P halfwit-2

OH GOD Noooooo!

Valve Developer Community

Ffffffffu-that website had a detailed list of all the soundscapes!

These don’t explain how to make a lot of the stuff Halfwit did, so stop posting dumb links.

Damn. Was a good site. It was the site that taught me how to map.

Yeah, that site taught me everything.

Man, I learned how to make all of my earliest maps from that site.

To quote the Soldier:

“You were good son, real good. Mabye even the best. You will be missed.”

Same :frowning:

Well damn. That side had so many good tutorials. Looks like it’s back to 3kliksphilip for me :v:

Someone contact the original site owner? someone must know him let him give u the files or to someone and reupload the site

How am I a bad teacher?

He’s saying you’re a bad teacher if Zapding learnt from you because Zapding sucks.

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I don’t think Zapding sucks though :love: