Hall of Bodies



It looks like you just threw ragdolls around the floor and raped it with post processing…


Damn, I love how there is no effort in this!!! THIS IS THE BEST PICTURE!!! I CAN’T SEE A THING!!!

Filter rape!
my eyes!

I’m bleeding in places I’ve never bleeded in.

They died from the high amount of filter rape!


You tossed some ragdolls around,
Painted blood on the walls,
Filter raped.

Perhaps turn the filter off so we can see the actual image.

I think our eyes would still bleed if we saw that.
The filter rape is there to hide the shit pose.

god damnit guys where’d you hide the pistol i need to shoot something (my head)



You don’t deserve help.

Jeez, did you just kill a bunch of NPC’s and spam blood and rape the pic? BAN HIM!