Hall of Map Development and other Things Source.

Welcome to the Hallway of Map Development and other Things Source.

About little over a week ago, I started a new project wherein I wanted to try some architecture. It turned out very well, so I decided to expand. I made a big, fancy hallway, and I found myself loving the dev textures, because they highlighted the actual brush architecture even more.

Having finished the hallway, I decided I wasn’t done with this project. Thus, I bring you this.

The Hallway of Map Development and other Things Source, is a collaborative effort that focuses on both learning and exploring. The hallway itself will be filled with many ornaments displaying Source features/other things that you will help decide on.

Now, what I want from the community, is a combination of ideas, inspiration, and possibly actual .vmf files. I have at least 16 rooms in total, that all need a theme/certain explanation over a Hammer feature. Right now, I’m working on one room. It’s a room featuring a winter-stylized map part, with it’s own fog settings/particle snow and everything.

Here’s some pictures.



Give me ideas of what to put in the hall/rooms which shows features of the Source engine/great maps/great mappers.

**If you have no ideas, give me FP usernames of great mappers that should deserve a spot in this map. I will of course, first make sure said user even wants to be in the map.

Update #1:

**Now, I am facing a slight dilemma. The learning experience a player should get from this map, is becoming more and more of a focus point. Essential to a good learning experience, is the combination of sound and visuals. The visuals will be delivered by the map itself, of course. But, I need voice-overs, narrators that explain how a certain room is set-up, talking about the entities used, and some basic I/O explanations as well. Got a good speaking voice? Think you’re the next David Attenburough? Send me a PM, preferably with a small demo of your voice.

Even though there is two threads i think we should use this one as the pictures work. Also it is looking fantastic :v:

Thanks Hawx. :3: Any suggestions for the rooms/hall?

Maybe grab a compiled Half Life 2 or other Source game’s bsp, convert it to obj in crafty, scale it down considerably and have it in a windowed display somewhere in the main hallway? I think it would be pretty cool…

Or like gordon’s crowbar or something…

HEV suit :v:

Isn’t it meant to show interesting things or teach people how to pull off some really awesome effects.

I don’t think HEV suits or crowbars have shit all to do with mapping really. xD

Anyways its an interesting concept, but I don’t have any ideas. D:

It’s a map about Source map development, so why not fill the empty corners of the halls with Source memorabilia?

Good idea. I’ll also add paintings on the walls featuring concept art of the HL games. The map will also feature various easter eggs to promote exploration.


Mipmap hall - make a custom texture with mipmaps that are different colours, such as blue, red, green, orange, etc. Then build a small corridor that leads away from the player. Apply the texture to the walls, and then add a sign explaining how mipmaps work next to it. In this way, you would have a handy way of showing how mipmaps work for the uninformed.

Bumpmap wall - Simply, a side-by-side comparison of two textures: one with bumpmaps, and a custom one which is the same image but without a bumpmap. Would be a good idea to choose something with really pronounced bumpmaps. Add an explanatory sign and you’re done.

NPC wing - Make an area which demonstrates the various NPC behaviours available to mappers. Have Metrocops guard doors, man gun emplacements, and maybe perform a scripted sequence or two. Show antlion behaviour and their reaction to bugbait. Show zombies lying down, shuffling around, and maybe swatting props around if you can manage it.

Environment wing - Show how all the environment elements work, like ropes, phys_explosion, water, point_spotlight, env_sprite, trigger_hurt and so forth.

Seriously, stop just shoving stuff from other games into your “museum”. Actually SHOW people how mapping works. If you can’t, then you probably shouldn’t be making a “Hall of Map Development” in the first place.

Scripted sequences room? Displacements room? xD

A room in fire?

Looks awesome so far - are you the same person who was making that big house which had a pretty similar idea to this?

This is so nice. The attention to detail is fantastic.

Could I suggest that you don’t use a dev texture, but a custom, rather plain texture?

Personally I think it looks good in dev textures

Fantastic ideas. Your last sentences sound rather mean-spirited though, but that could be me reading your text wrong.

But yes, I already wanted to dedicate the basement to NPC behaviors, and a part to textures.

Oh, and ZOMG~, I’m keeping it DEV textured. But I may change the texture between horizontal/vertical surfaces with a lighter/darker shade.


Yes, I am. But I started on the outside of the building, which lead to big problems in the inner-architecture. This mansion was far further thought out, and will most likely not have an outside area, other then something like a walled in garden.

I meant those words critically, not necessarily in a nasty way.

I’ve seen a lot of these kinds of maps, and most of the time the only things in them are shrunken models of well-known maps, and screenshots of others. It would be nice to see a mapping museum map that goes beyond that. After all, many museums have interactive exhibits, presentations, audio voice-overs, and such-like.

In other words, I’d quite like to see a museum map that could actually serve as an informative place to visit.

Maybe to show the particle system, you could have a fountain in the hall with a water gushing particle effect coming out of it. It probably wouldn`t be too hard. (Also,put benches in the hallway please.)

P.S. Is this more of a tech demo, or a museum dedicated to Valve and the Source engine?:confused:

You should make it like the americas army museum, it shows off different vehicles and weapons in their own little displays and has interactive videos to watch, and buttons that emit voice overs.

Ah, right. Well, thank you. Criticism is good.

I really like the idea of voice-overs. Right now, I’m using point_message entities to label things. But I feel it’ll get cluttered, especially when the messages turn really big. I can do some voice-over work myself, but I think it’d be nice to have someone to help with it.

Thinking over your ideas, I think you’re right. It’d be important to have a lot of interactive things in the map. Luckily, I’m fully down with the I/O system. I never tried NPC work, but using the VDC site, and some tutorials, I’m sure I’ll manage to do that also.


It’ll definatly have a fountain and a custom particle effect to go with it. And benches are a good idea too.

Oh, and it’s a bit of both. But it’s more a dedication to the Source Engine.


No idea how I’d pull of the videos, but the vehicles and such do sound like a good idea.

This is truly gorgeous. Try to touch on a lot of the mapping topics in the dev wiki. And it would be awesome if it were interactive.