Just something quick - Worms reference. All in-game editing as per usual.

They are pretty fucked.
Nice picture the glow around the holy handgrenade is a nice touch!

That nade will explode 200x harder than the cart. :ohdear:

Soldier is all like, ooh shiny.

Great picture, very nice posing.

My friends stopped playing Worms with me because I wreaked so much havoc with holy hand grenades :smith:



How you get the grenade as Prop? they look as effect(all last hats looks effect), isnt they?

and this my work tf2$Worms))


The holy hand grenade is from the monty python and the holy grail.

And that damned Bunny got what it deserved.
It’s also a weapon in the game Worms.

Great pic Vas.

Brings back memories.

Worms reminds me of that game “Batalion Wars,” or are they the same thing?