Halloween 2016 - Contentpack (Pyro Update!)

The last and Final Update for my Halloween Addon is almost finished.
Its gonna be explosive :stuck_out_tongue:


Official Added


**Added Wiremod Connection Indicator **



Haha look nice
“Explosive as fuck”

Some great additions for when we are celebrating in our servers and in others! A great contribution to the community, thank you.

Man this is awesome.

Heads up to anyone interested in using this addon - currently has an issue where any time anyone types in chat, it will spam the chat for all users with the command list.

should be fixed now, if anyone finds other bugs just write them here or on the workshop page, will try to fix them all, sry for that im normally not the programmer^^

Whenever the cauldron is used, it increases the server walk speed dramatically.

That should not be possible because there is no line of code in the WitchCauldron that changes the player speed or any parameter from the player

Yes the speed changed when I use cauldron or candy (not sure, can’t reproduce it)
Or you will be slowdown when you spawn tons of web and walk through it, then when the web gone your speed still slow

The Web gets your current Walk,Run and Jump speed saves it then makes you slower and restores your normal speed when it Removes it self. The Cauldron and the Candy dont have any line of code in it that change your speed. Try to update the addon on your server as i fixed some of the Bugs already. If you still get this problem then try find a way to reproduce it as im not sure how this could happen

There is a major issue with your content pack update :ohno:

Everytime someone sends a message in the chat, your pack sends a list of all console commands for the pack to everybody’s client and prints it in their chat prior to the message from the original player.

It would be extremely unfortunate to remove your content pack from my server, because it is very well done and i’ve decorated the map with it, but it is causing a considerable amount of spam :nope:

Console commands:
hcp_easyuse [0/1] - Should fireworks interact on use?
hcp_fragility [0/1] - Should fireworks ingnite on damage?
hcp_autoremove [0/1] - Should fireworks get removed after burnt out
hcp_recoil [0/1] - Should fireworks have Physic recoil
(OOC) Overlord Haz: yes

I updated the addon 8 hours ago, these lines of code that print these commands were in the hcp_help.lua file. I removed this file temporally till i fixed the problem so there should be any spam. Try updating the addon on your server :slight_smile: