Halloween Mod 1.0

Let’s create some models/textures/sweps/maps/map icons for something I call Halloween Mod.
Now let me get started saying I posted this here because there is too many general forums that apply to this. So I find it needed to post here.

So I propose on our first work we get a few people to create a shadow swep. The view model should be something like a dark robe sleeve that is barely(but still noticable) visible. On pressing reload it could make a cool whisper sound. I may be able to handle the sound but it would be kinda suckish. And primary could swing the “arm” and attack something. Secondary would be cool if it changed your player invisible and your “arm” viewmodel less visible(toggle). I’m pretty suck with lua scripting, but I know some basics.

If you can help with the following subjects post here please, Also any discussion goes here.
■Lua scripting
■Map Icons

From the list above I may be able to provide some amatuer resources in the following categories.
■Map Icons

Please help below! V ^-^


Post pleaze. I really want some traffic going here.

Because posting would just freakin kill you.

A mod for a mod?

i would like a gamemode where there are ghost and trick or treaters and the trick or treater could onluy defend themselves with water guns and toy swords :smiley:

If it has ghosts, we need proton packs.

How about just a halloween playermodel? Just don’t act absouletly clueless about what I am saying.

Try to get the fncypntz’ or Chrisaster’s LUA virus. ENJOY.

Oh wait, Garry has fixed the lua viruses issue. Oh well.

I can create one that if he tries to leave it wunt let him :slight_smile:

Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Problem solved.


Guys, You don’t even talk about the topic!

You seem to be asking for a lot and not being able to give much in return.