Halloween props

I’m making a Halloween themed video. I would like to know if anyone has any sort of Halloween props such as:

Candy bucket

I would appreciate anything!

Do you have ep2? That has a Pumpkin in it :slight_smile:

i also would like some halloween props… but i dont have ep2

I have a halloween style pumpkin prop you can use if you want - it’s an early model I made and I didn’t do anything with it as it has a couple of flaws - primary one being it won’t sit still, just rolls around and around. Rubbish physics object! Still, if you were just thinking of making a comic or something you could freeze it in place.


You’re certainly welcome to it if it’s any use to you. Extract and drop the two folders in garrysmod/garrysmod and find it on the browse tab under Garry’s Mod.


I could make an addon and spawnlist for you for that pumpkin? Or at least try.

Could be awesome port Jigsaw for the pack.

Sure, if anyone wants to take that old pumpkin model and improve it or put it in a pack, be my guest. The actual model itself isn’t too bad, I just didn’t know what I was doing when I converted it to a .mdl

Did you give it “AlienFlesh” as a surfaceprop? As It would suit it perfectly ^^

No, I was such a dumbass with the QC I just made it all metal, so if you hit it with anything it goes CLANG! I should really re-do it - make the eyes and mouth $selfillum as well.