Halloween screenshot contest anyone?

Since halloween will be coming up within a few weeks I thought it would be best to see if a contest can get going. I know its abit early and all but that gives more time for us to get some pictures ready.

A suitable picture for halloween would be either a character(s) is going to experiance or experiancing or has already experianced something scary.

How you win and what you win?

  • The winner will be judged by me and anyone else who wishes to, if you want to judge pm me!

  • The winner will win… Alot of jealous responses from other members and a derp fish?

Ending Date?

  • End of October

Rules of submission

  • Characters can be from as many games as you like.
  • Limt editing to blurr, lighting tools and halloween related effects.
  • Post as many pictures in media form as you like (They wont be judged, just to give examples to people)
  • Post only 1 picture THATS NOT IN MEDIA FORM for judging which must be your own work.
  • Use the media method for your other pictures so I can make out your submited picture from your other ones. Its *media[*/media] (Just remove the * and replace LINK with the address to your picture and it will work like the example below)
  • No editing your post to submit your work, make a new post!
  • No stealing, copying, cheating, spamming etc.
  • C&C as always…

Your submission to the contest will not be judged if you do not follow these rules

An example - To get things started would be this image that I had wiped up. Basicly in this image Louis is about to experiance his worst nightmare becoming real which is being crushed to death by a tank…



And with all do respect, try not to dumb or late this, it would spoil this thing that I think can be rather fun.

I’ll participate

Isn’t it a bit early?

Yes but it would give more time to produce the pictures.

alright i shall participate in this gentelmen

Not interested, mainly because nobody has created a Michael Myers ragdoll.

also please use the media method for your un-edited pictures so I can make out your submited picture from your un-edited ones… Adding to rules now…


Bad Spelling? Someone just had to ruin this…

^Demonskul~ “Wazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap”


I just hope to be home at time to make some screenies for this contest :stuck_out_tongue:

You see, that’s a problem. Way back when Mr. Whitefolks started making contests, we found out that if we go by ratings then only the pictures on the front page will ever get any votes, because people won’t bother looking through all the pages. The only way to fairly judge a contest would be to select some judges and have them chose the pictures (and don’t worry, it’s not hard. We have gotten people to be judges for a long time now)

The other issue is that you aren’t allowing major editing. That’s a real bummer for anybody who wants to make a really awesome picture that can’t possibly be replicated in Gmod. And just because somebody might make a really well edited picture, it doesn’t mean that it will necessarily be the best.

This sounds like it could be a pretty fun contest, but you need to get the rules right if you want anyone to enter.

Oh I’ve been longing for this competition. I’m in.

Ok I didnt know that using the rating system can cause problems… I’ll change the rules now!


I stated that only blurr, lighting and halloween related effects can be used, stuff like smoke, flames etc. all things that fit the theme…


You may as well just say editing is allowed, because who would edit a Halloweeny picture in a non-Halloweeny way?

People can do the stupid mistake that i’ve done, add noise, grain and other horrible effects that aint related to the theme.

What if they want to make some camera-vision type of screenie?
Like Blair witch project stuff…

It is related to the theme :v:

Depends I guess.

This one i made, was one year ago.


Joazz’s edit