Halls of Justice painted green

*Halls of Justice painted green, money talking
Power wolves beset your door, hear them stalking
Soon you please their appetite, they devour
Hammer of Justice crushes you, overpower

Justice means nothing today
Now that the jury’s for sale
Guilty or not, the verdict’s a lie
You’re going to jail

The System has failed*


comparison: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/131941

the background is a bit effed up but meh

creds to Haxxer for the idea

Damn that’s cool.

That’s pretty sweet looking.

How did you get all of those guys there?


do you hear what I hear?
doors are slamming shut
limit your imagination
keep you where they must

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brill pose

Damn right! Winner for you!

Courthouse full of EA’s lawyers :v:


Ideologically for sure. Strong piece.

Very well done!

Hot damn!

That looks awesome.

Joazzz you’re awesome.

Somehow, the pic reminds me of this amazing song with the whole blind majority thing

Love the pic - outstanding idea/concept!


but yeah, great picture along with a great truth about our legal system.

I cried

RIAA/MPAA in image form. That’s all I can say.

Wow, thats movie material right there!