Hallway of Chaos. The Corruption Spreads


Original because screenshot comparison is down:


This was really an editing/lighting tester. My current graphics card wont show lamps or flashlights on most objects so there are no lamps in this
There is a LOT of subtle editing. I’ll get screenshot comparison as soon as its up.

Hope you guys enjoy.

That sorcerer looks like he’s in serious need of Pepto Bismol.

Looks amazing, but the textures on the map just look bad to me.

It is missing something… But I cant figure out what :L.
The left guy on the top, haning down. His right arm is a-bit weird.
The right guy with those green googly things ^^. Has his knees floating somehow ;D

Tis the power of the Warp doing those things.

It’s too bright, needs more grimdark