halo 1 marine request

hey guys i was wondering if some one could port and make a ragdoll out of a halo 1 marine plz ive looked for a while and no one has got it pm if you know where i can get one edit nvm guys i got it

Are you kidding me?

Took literally 2 seconds to find this.

these are h2 models

i already got that one thats why im looking for halo 1

He means like this:

yea thx ace

this might has the halo1 marines.

thats the one i have but its missing the texures so its pink and black

Yes its true, I once downloaded this and all the master chiefs had no textures. I didn’t bother spawning anymore due to the fact the rest might too be untextured.

This download has the 1 and only halo ce marine model for GMod with its textures.

I wish for someone to get every halo combat evolved marine released.

i know that would be awesome and hope this one works thx civil

Oh jeez I always wanted just the single model, not a npc and a whole pack.

sonic it does work though i got it now thx civil