Halo 2 Elite Honor Guard

Well, First off, I’m relatively new to using Garry’s Mod (I’m still in the stages of learning particular things, though I’ve caught on to most of the sophisticated stuff at a fast pace). Ended up making my first post in the wrong section. (Not a very good first impression, ehh?)

My Request is quite simple:
I would like a Ragdoll/NPC of the Elite Honor Guard from Halo 2, and NOT to be an Adv. Dupe.

I’m guessing this wouldn’t be too difficult, considering you can quite easily rip the Model and Textures from Halo 2 using a Modded Xbox.

For the Simple-Minded, Heres a Picture:

This is something i want too, a good honor guard to go with the thousands of spartans and other covenant ragdolls

That would be pretty easy, if you had the pc version of Halo 2

EDIT: if someone can find me some materials and models of the honor guard, I can hex it with an elite NPC.

All I have access too is the .OBJ Files of the Honor Guard; Wouldn’t know where to get the .3ds

Also: I do have the PC Version of Halo 2. :slight_smile:

Hello is it not better to get a Halo 3 Honor guard?

No such thing; Honor Guards only made an appearance in Halo 2 - Same goes for Council Elites.

The only true ‘Classes’ of Elites that show up in Halo 3’s Campaign are:

Minor (Blue)
Major (Red)
Spec-ops (White; Rtas 'Vadumee [Half-Jaw])

We could use the halo 3 main body rip that Darkvibe is finishing. We could then modify it to look like the honor guard but with a halo 3 style. So, much better if so.

Darkvibe’s Halo 3 Elite rip:

True, It would look better; Though doing so would require more work.
Since Honor guards appeared only in Halo 2, you could simply rip the model/textures from the game - But as you said, Creating an Honor Guard using a Halo 3 Elite would be much better, simply would take more work, considering you’d have to make him red, and either create custom Honor Guard Parts, or detach them from the Halo 2 Model.

Another way that could be easier. Taking the parts from the halo 2 honor guard that are unique by its own class.

Take the parts from the halo 3 elite that are used on any elite for example: Chest part.

Improve the texture quality on the halo 2 honor guard elite parts. Done.

Sounds great if someone is willing to do it; The H3 Elite needs to be released first though, Lol - Unless someone wants to simply rip the model/textures from Halo 2 and work from that.

The halo 3 elite will be released in a huge pack along with every other halo 3 model.

That elite looks more buffed.

That elite is not the final.

it still looks cool cant wait

are the elites 7/8 feet tall? i think they are supposed to be slightly thiner btw

why a massive pack? wouldent versions be better?

where is his face?

He’s still working on the it, which probebly explains why the face is missing.

And Yes, Elites are 7-9 Ft. Tall, Depending on their age/variation.

it should be, it looks better then the original elites

you want a faceless elite?

but seriously if there is a huge halo project couldnt it just be released in bits rather than a huge pack we have to wait forever for?

We’re releasing it in a pack so it’s more “official”, if you get what I mean. It’s like Kermite’s weapon packs - he didn’t release a few versions of each pack that gradually added more guns over time, he made them all then released them at once.
There’s no head because he hadn’t finished the head diffuse texture.
I have the original H2 Honor Guard models, but not textured, in SketchUp. I was making some custom stuff out of them.
You guys may want to consider keeping an eye on the New Mombasa Project thread.

I didn’t notice it was headless. I was talking about the body and how it was more buffed compared to the normal thin elites.