Halo 2 parody, sorta

Alright this is my second “upload” on facepunch and my first comic, let us see if i did it correctly


does it work?

Sincerely, it’s confusing.
And also, does it has anything to do with hl2 apart from props/ragdolls, whatever.
But I think you have a decent posing there.
Also, those ropes look really weird…

okay, thanks that’s what i was looking for, but what ropes?


can anyone else exhort me?

No one is going to give me any advice? dang…sorry for wasting everyone’s time

Err, the '“laser”.


At least it looks like those gmod ropes, whatever.
Make it a bit larger? :S

Well thank you at least for commenting

Text is too small, it strains my eyes to read it.

doesn’t make any sense

well, i assume you have all played halo 2?

Not everyone has (Me, for example), but I know the ending.

I played Halo 2, and I just read this comic, and I thought it was absolute shit. You could not make it any worse, this is the epitome of every concept involving the world ‘shit’. Except sex poses, but that’s a different ring of hell.

Seriously, if I were you, I would look at other people’s comics and make sure that I don’t post until my quality meets theirs. Yours lacks humor, depth, proper posing, proper layout, EVERYTHING that you need to make a good comic.

Improve kthx.

follow the above’s advice but look into my literary epics

Create an unique comic based on anything other than your own imagination.

Okay, thanks everyone, i don’t believe you need to swear about it but whatever