halo 2 soda machine

the halo 2 soda machine, practicing porting


You know for some reason i remember it looking a bit better…

It was shittier than you think.

So it’s just the soda machine? worthless :confused:

Don’t be a dick. At least it’s not another nude model.

I agree on one thing, but another nude model? Whats wrong with that? We haven’t had one in weeks.

it has it’s uses, scenebuilds prop placements

Can you do more halo 2 props?

ya I’m porting halo and fallout

Lets see some cars, vehicles, h3 stuff. (as you’ve said you can rip from halo 3)
I want some of that h3 pelican…

I agree with Banshee FrieNd. And also, this can be very useful. Good port.

Come on,not fallout,there are all ready to many fallout models
Only halo 2 models

NO. The halo 2 soda machine was allot more high res in the texture.

I want the vending machines that had the picture of the rooster and the teeth.

Who cares. It still a prop.

I can get the rooster and the teeth vending machines, and i know for a fact he can too but will he? I’ll give you a .obj and a .jpg if you wanna do it yourself :wink: I’m too busy with maps (hint - bloodgulch - hint)

Wait, they have a Rooster Teeth vending machine? Le woot!

Oh, now that is sweet.

Cool, if you’re porting Halo 2 stuff you may want to check out the New Mombasa project thread. :smiley: