Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST extractor

So me and E3po used some new deswizzle methods with some of the source from Alterations and released this tool that can rip models and bitmaps from both halo 3 and halo 3 ODST.
Download here
We don’t have all deswizzle methods so you will not be able to rip every single bitmap, but you are able to rip about 70%. Models are completely rigged with uvs as well as its markers.

Before the release I have been testing my HLSL skills by making shaders.

Have fun.

E:We are currently working on extracting sounds as well as BSPs. Sounds seem to use XNA compression so it should be easy.

Shit do I need some gadget to hook into my 360? If so, fuck that shit.

All you need are the .map files
Common assets are stored in the mainmenu.map and the shared.map and both must be in the same directory as well as the map you are trying to open.

You just need to put the disc into your PC and look through it that way, don’t you

No, I wish it was that easy though. You can still always download them. They are all around the net.
For those of you downloading the map and are eager for the assets, here is the Halo 3 Chopper.
Get the .emf importer max script here.

Finally, i found the answer. Now, too bad my modded xbox 360 is broken :frowning:

Hey mate, I cant seem to be able to Use extraction properly. I ripped the maps myself successfully. But have been unable to get the files out. A tutorial would be nice, also some compatibility issues may be the problem im running 64bit Windows 7.

I’m using x64 windows 7 as well and it works fine. And what do you mean getting the files out? It is pretty strait forward.

This doesn’t support Windows XP?

Ok whenever I click on anything all I get is an unhandled expception, Also one thing that may be causeing it. I am using the version of Halo 3 that came free with ODST, is that version not supported by the program? I also noticed the file names are different like mp_elite and so on.

That might be it, since I never used those maps. Thought you absolutely must have the shared.map and mainmenu.map in the same directory as the map you are reopening. Try disabling aero and setting compatibility to windows vista.

Ok literally EVERYTHING is saying Unhandled exception when I click on it, I think I was able to open a forklift texture and thats about it. It could be this version I might have to grab the original Halo 3 and grab the .map files from that (good old hotswap) Would you be able to send me the files you managed to extract? its going to be a while before I can get the old H3, also how well does this work with odst?

I’d happily buy you a copy of Win 7 if you give me your house address.

Edit: Fuck that, it caused too much trouble as-is.

That a mapping project.

They are using the old outdated method from the source of alterations. Not the updated deswizzlers that xtractor has. This is based on the content that I have seen so far, I may be wrong.

They both seem to be the same to be honest, but from i hear they both mention theirs can extract better. or something like that.

In celebration, I’m going to go map for Halo CE again.

Oh wow awesome, hey DEE, remember me?

I am going to rip ODST to my pc, ill try the program with that. That shout tell me if I need to grab the old Halo 3 (which is very likely the case) and not use the MP only version. Wish me luck.