Halo 3 armors request

Out Of These:


Can Someone Make Recon, Mark V And Or One Of The Hayabusa Armors?

I’m sorry, but in no way is that simple. No one is able to rip models from an Xbox 360 game yet, and modeling it yourself is way too difficult.

Well It Can’t Be That Difficult I’ve Seen Quite A Few People Do Just That And Besides Someone Has Already Made The Halo 3 Master Cheif You Could Just Go Off Of That

Go Go Captain Capitalize!

Anyhow, have you ever tried modelling it yourself? it’s very hard work, and those Halo 3 Armours arent exacty stick figures, no doubt you’d expect superb quality, as the previous poster said, it’s still impossible to rip from 360, make do with what MC models we have simple as

Have a look around, i’m sure ive seen some interesting Multiplayer re-skins on Gmod.org

Can someone just make one of these please

P.S. one of my requests have been that difficult yet none have been accepted
P.S.S. Reasonable quality is all i ask

id like the odst 1 in blue if these get made

Someone can start from there.

Hate all these Xbox fan boys coming on and expecting impossible shit to be done.