Halo 3 Beta Magnum M6G

Can someone download this Halo 3 Beta Magnum M6G and convert it to work with Garry’s Mod like a spawnable prop. Just like the Halo Combat Evolved M6D we already got.


>>[DOWNLOAD]<<: http://hce.halomaps.org/index.cfm?fid=4749

And here is what it looks like in Halo Custom Edition. Held as a weapon in first person view. Same model.


hmmm there is a socom http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=803814 get the weapons but there is no H3 M6D i think its called M6C

The Halo Combat Evolved M6D Pistol:
12 Rounds

The Halo 3 Multiplayer M6G Magnum Pistol:
8 Rounds


The Halo 3 Odst M6C Socom Pistol:
12 Rounds


I already have medrop’s oversized Halo 3 Odst M6C Socom Pistol and the Halo Combat Evolved M6D Pistol.
I was originaly requesting the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta Pistol to be made for gmod.

Is anybody interested to download and convert this Halo Custom Edition compitable Halo 3 Beta M6G Magnum?

so do you want somebody to reskin the halo 1 magnum (which I’m not sure has been even ported to Gmod in the first place) or somehow port the actual model to gmod?

I’ve already begun the process of porting this model. In fact, I have the gun itself ingame. I’m working on HUD elements and fixing the textures on the FP arms, however. As well as getting some different animations for the first person view. (Since CMT released their tags, I’ll be converting the animations they use for their Pistol.)

This is for a Gamemode/Mod I’m developing however, so I don’t think I plan to release it until I have the gamemode itself done. I’d prefer to release a finished project, rather than something half-done.

I remember seeing the converted source files from Halo 3 somewhere along the line while I was creating my Halo 3 Players pack, however I dont think I have them any longer :confused:

Hey I am not asking for a reskin. I was just giving the download link of the h3beta m6g model so no need to do crap reskins of old hce model.

And ll7 have one that is almost finished and that is what I wanted to know.


What first person arms are you using? There’s Halo 3 Beta First Person Arms on Fpsbanana

Well, I have Halo 3 Beta ones as placeholders right now, but I plan to do a custom model for them. Basically, I’m making brand-new revised Mark V Armor. So, the FP arms won’t be the same as you’re used to seeing them.

So something like that vid I posted? Up there.

DUDE my friend just finished modeling one, im actually in the texturing process with it. :slight_smile:

That’s cool. I also have a HEV pod I finished modeling that needs texturing, so yeh… Wish I was better at UVW mapping… meh.