Halo 3 Beta ports

[release]Hello there, here ive got a big pack of halo 3 props ive ported.
These are a beta and a final release because in ive got issues going on right now, and i didnt want these to go to waste.
They are pretty buggy especially the base props.
The biggest problem is the covy capital ship 6, its spawn is pretty erradic. It’ll usualy spawn behind you and if theres not enough room it’ll spawn outside the map. Besides that, all else should work just fine!



My pride and joy - The UNSC Frigate. And yes, you can go in the hanger!
Covy Cruiser
Covy Capital Ship
ODST civilian car with body groups.


BR, scopeless, scope.
AutoMag- ODST
Missile pod, pod and pod stand.
All 4 grenades- Includes a unintended but kept Halo Reach size (in other words they are big)
SMG and various varients i did myself (enjoy!)
Rocketlauncher- Missing SPANKR decal
Energy sword, and handle.


Various door’s
Rocks with 2 skins

Well i hope you all enjoy them!

Some screens

Nice job.

Heh thanks, spent a while on these!

Nice job, now we finally have a bucketload of halo 3 weapons what don’t have that texture glitch!

The most messed up one is the AR displlay since its blank and the Sniper scope screen was custom since it didnt have one… I took a google images screen, edited out the image and kept the cross hair, painted it green threw it on and gave it $selfillum. I think it came out pretty good, what do you think?

it just looks awesome!

Oh my god I love you


Glad you all like them, im baffled though, when i uploaded them to .org it didnt appear on the front page…

Great release a bit of a suggestion though TONE DOWN the phong its crazy it shouldnt be that shiny.

Thats the env map, its only like that on that map. That maps cube maps are extreme.

“We’re in the future…things are VERY shiny here.”

And here’s a pic i did a few days ago, I think its good for size comparison. Works with the Spartan III.

My posing is terrible…

you sir, are awsome

all we need to complete this is the elites cause someone has alreay done the marines

Its so beautiful. sniff

I love you!

Well done. :smiley:

As a side note, you should probably add tags to the file to make it easier to find for those who search garrysmod.org.

All i can say is: HELL YES!

I am most impressed by this. Esp. the weapons, now I don’t need that crap-quality Halo 2 weapon pack.

Man im glad you guys all like them, and as for tags…i completely forgot! Added!

Whatcha guy’s think of the SMG variants?