Halo 3 Brutes? prophets?

so recently, I’ve been using the Elites from halo 4 (my thanks to the uploader, they are awesome models). but then it hit me that, since the halo 2 brutes, we haven’t seen the ugly bastards. or the any of the prophets for that matter.

so i was wondering. is anyone out there willing to get a few of the brutes from halo 3 (and possibly their prophet) into gmod? it was done with the elites. so i was just wondering…

If I recall correctly, Brutes were probably done by someone and either released for scrapped.
As for the Prophets, the only models of any Prophets are of Truth, and even then they are only in cutscenes and his body after has died in “The Covenant”, and there haven’t been any methods of extracting models from cutscenes.

The only problem with these is they don’t all react to lamps and dynamic light sources correctly(no $mostlyopaque) and they’re not as big as they would be canon-wise.

thanks for the help, they are bit wonky, but they’ll do. after all, beggars cant be choosers