Halo 3 Elite Rip

Heya, I’m requesting a rip of a Blue Elite from Halo 3, preferably with a weapon?
There are halo 2 elites but the ones from halo 3 are much more detailed and prettier :smiley:

Example: http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/halo/images/e/ed/Minor2.jpg

and if its not too much trouble, is it possible to have the words “Sketch 447” engraved on the back of the armor? Just small letters, if you got spare time. :smiley:

Please and thank you!

This is possible but I don’t see this happening.


Oops i fixed it

It’s the H2 Elite, but it’s something.

Why the hell is this in releases secton?

Thats a good question, maybe you should ask the guy that has been gone for two years.

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I would like this halo 3 elite to be made aswell it can be used for machinima and stuff

You’ve done this on nearly every Halo thread, that involve models.