Halo 3 Elite

I present to you, my first ever release; the Sangheili! (Halo 3 version, of course.)

Now, what does this fine model do? I’m glad you asked Tom, this model showcases numerous totally unique features that cannot be found anywhere else! Just a few [sub][sub][sub]sub[/sub][/sub][/sub][/sub] things this baby can do;

A few select parts can glow in the dark, ooOOooOOh!
You can use this fancy bodygroup tool to change the helmet and shoulder pads!
There are only two finger bones per finger, totally flexible to your needs!
You can’t move the classic elite’s face - at all! What a bargain! (The eyes are all static as well!)
It’s compatible with that fancy old color tool!

Now if that’s not enough, just take a look at these totally diverse images that weren’t done for the upload on garrysmod.org!

Enough bullshit, let’s get this shit DOWN

Just a notice; this is my first ‘solo’ release (I say solo in the lightest context possible as Squiddy was pretty much the only reason this got anywhere, everyone give him hearts <3) so any criticism, pointers, all that jazz would be great. Enjoy! Oh and if you feel like making a few improvements, that’s fine by me. Just give credit where credit is due (Bungie n shit)

Like I said on steam, good work

Can’t wait for the mature gmod community to respond to my comment though :wink:

Very nice,its good to be seeing more halo stuff.

these’ll go really nicely with those ODSTs Bloo’s doing, good job

I only can say “bravo”


my waiting is finally over! Thank you.

Why would there be any of that? these are really good models.

Great work! :smiley:

Can’t hit friendly hard enough, the OP states why <3

Awesome work, deserves more winner ratings that i can give!

Wow, excellent work.


You are amazing
May i ask are you going to make anymore halo 3 models?

First Grunts now Elites.
Whats next…Flood?

Character told me over steam that he was planning on doing the Brutes next

Wort Wort Wort

You got it all wrong,its “blarg blarg honk”.

This is going to be amazing also thank you, you are also awesome for telling me this :3

Really high quality model:

I also noticed something in the helmet diffuse which could be needed for the armor illumination.

I am sure someone else can do it better than me but this is my attempt:

I need to darken it more and make it more green.

I fixed the sizes of the small ones to be more like the original: