Halo 3 Elites, Brute/cheiftain, Flood

Please if someone could make a Halo 3 Elite and/or Brute/Chieftain that would be amazing i would really oppreciate it and it would be very nice of whoever would make it
also if any1 has made the Halo 3 flood i would be forever thankful to whoever would them them
also if the brute would have basic face posing such as the mouth being open and closed that would also be awesome


Brute Chieftain:

Missed the requests section.

What you mean my post went somewhere else?

No, this isn’t the place for requests. This is the place for misc. model and skins information, there is a special request section.

oh ok so how do i get it in there

You can’t be serious. Just can’t.

By the way, look for “REQUESTS” at near the top of the page.