halo 3 flamethrower

practicing porting some more.


Isn’t that from Halo 1 PC?

no, its the halo 3 flamethrower the halo 1 is way different


nice, go see if you can join the mombasa guys (under mapping) they might another porter

(dont say i said this)

nah, they put me on the team without them actually asking me. I’m to busy for a project now anyhow.

I like what you’re doing with these Halo 3 ports. Keep it up.

upload filefront please !!!

No. You need to have GMod to download this.

are you too dumb to verify your garrysmod.org account?

i’d love more close up pics



Resolution must have been decreased after extraction.



cool, it doesn’t looks that low res

Some nice bumpmapping and shaders, then it will be fine.

Civil pleeeease phong your models. Anyway I spy my Halo 3 Spartans :stuck_out_tongue: get ready V2 is on the horizon >.>

Then I need to have gmod original to have a model pirated???


my version is not original because I do not want to pay money by a mod

(User was banned for this post ("pirated GMOD" - Lithifold))

You are not getting addons from GMod if you do not have GMod.
This will slow down the mass of idiots that want ports in GMod to other mods.
If you do not want to pay money you can say goodbye to the ports that GMod got.
This new feature on GMod.org/downloads will double the ammount of GMod copies sold.
I am very impressed, I could not think of such an awesome feature.

Then you’re not downloading anything for something you don’t have.

That is not my models, It is Nick’s.