Halo 3 Gravity Hammer world model (modifying an existing model)

Hello, this is a follow up to this request : http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=900356

I would like to make a SWEP out of it but it would be far more easier if I had a world model to work with, could someone please take this model and do the following :

  • Add a bone (crowbar one will do) so that it can be used as a weapon world model
  • Scale it down a bit, if possible. Maybe 2/3 of the current size.
  • (Optional) Add an attachment at the head of the hammer to make adding particle effects easier.

About the scaling this is what it looks like right now, so making it smaller would help a lot :


Thanks in advance. :smile: <-- Hopeful

Or keep the model, do similar animations as in halo 3, add the efects and such.


[Edit]: Current model:


woahhh, I really would want someone to actually make this!

Hmm? Last time I checked the particular model I linked to had no bones in it. Sure I coupd scale and animate it with Lua but it’d be a ton hackier. Besides I’m not making it for a halo playermodel to wield so using halo animations is out of the question. There is the gmod “sword” animation (I think) that is very similar though.

really? so uhh. you can make this Halo Hammer animations?