This is the main thread for all the Halo 3 stuff I requested. Please do not reply to the old ones anymore reply to this one. I hope you all like the idea of having this game put right inside to the never ending game Garry’s Mod. Someone please try to make all the Halo 3 stuff for me.

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Goddammit, 4 threads?!

Uhm, nope 5 threads*.

I assume this guy is really obsesseed in Halo 3.

Apparently he doesn’t realize that it would take ages to get the maps from Halo 3 into the Source engine.

Obviously he should just go and play some Halo instead fuckin’ fanboys cin<.<

I would like all of you to please not be negative. Don’t say stuff like “This game sucks” because it’s not going to make me say “Oh yeah you’re right.” By the way it IS ok if someone only makes one thing at a time like this. “Yeah ok mongoose is done so lets upload it.” “ok I just finished chopper lets upload that.” That’s fine with me. But if your only doing 1 piece of equipment at a time, that could be fustrating so with some of the stuff like bubble shield and deployable cover, put the defense ones together so it’s not so hard.

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That’s rude.


There you go. And yes it is an addon, why the hell shouldn’t it be an addon?

I was requesting ALL halo 3 things. Such as vehicles and weapons

Vehicles and weapons are the first ones I want to see.

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Oh, so ALL the Halo 3 things? Mate, why the hell are you demanding us who are using our spare time to dedicate 100% of it to your freaking Halo 3 stuff?

I suggest you go learn making models yourself.

Go go go!


Also, why is this in the Lua section? Shouldn’t it be in the modelling section?

I’m 11 i’m not going to learn how to model HOWEVER I do know how to map so I will attempt to make Foundry here in a bit. By the way i’m not DEMANDING you to do this. This is a REQUEST not a DEMAND. I hope some people are up to the challenge!

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This is the Halo 3 MAIN thread. Most of it is lua so I put it in lua. Because the weapons are lua and so are the vehicles and equipment.

The wording you use (I want to see THIS first) makes it sound demanding.

I am betting you do not have Halo 3, and your mother won’t buy it for you, so you think you can leech off of us to get it. I think not.

Really getting the feeling that nobody in the world will make ALL the Halo 3 stuff for you. If you truly want to get the stupid shit you demand, go learn how to make it yourself, that way you only waste your time and everything will be exactly to your delight.

seacookie,i don´t want to be rude or something,but you just have to wait,grew older a bit more and learn how to behave to people…although being super extra polite,this kind of behaviour is going to get you nowhere.go and kick some ass in halo 3 for me too,ok?

I fucking have Halo 3. I have Halo 1 , 2 , and 3. I also have proof , on the back of the case it says “THE STUNNING CONCLUSION TO THE HALO TRILOGY , The Covenant controls Earth , the all-consuming Flood is unleashed and the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance. An ancient secret, buried under the sand of Africa for untold millennia may hold the key to our salvation or our doom. Spartan-117, the Master Chief , a biologically augmented super-soldier, must uncover that secret and stop the forces that threaten us once and for all. He is the last of his kind, a warrior born for combat, bred for war…and humanity’s only hope.” Also the other stuff on the back in the white boxes say this, 1-4 players, co-op, system link 2-16, HDTV 720P/1080i/1080p, optimized for har drive, online multiplayer 2-16, content download, leaderboards, voice, file sharing. Now do you think i’m telling the truth Xianasis? LOL.

Okay, we get it.
Just age a little bit, nobody would make everything in the entire game.
Basically, you want some crazy request? Do it yourself.

A) It is Xionasis. B) Wow you know how to copy paste.

this is what happens when you post 5 threads…

No, I don’t believe you.


Oh, and I bet your voice is as puny of your avatar’s. I hope no one has to play with you online. You’d be like a backseat general… “GET ME SOME FUCKING HELP I CAN’T WIN THIS WITHOUT YOU”

I can’t believe no one said this yet but,WAIT UNTIL HALO 3 COMES OUT ON THE FREAKING PC,then you can make your noobish crap that you type of kids make.