Halo 3 maps, guns, sounds, hud ect

If anyone would like to help me re-create the halo 3 experience like fat kid, duck hunt, ghost busters, that would be great
i can only really code, not model ect, so if people no some good models, some good halo 3 guns, some good maps to play fat kid, ghost busters, ice cream man, ect that would be great,
I am basically looking for anything that can help re-create the halo 3 experience in gmod, all credit will go to you, and i will give you special privileges in the gamemode when it is released, thank you!

I am also looking for the halo 3 sounds, i already have “Infected!” and “Game over!”
Any more would be greatly appreciated

Thanks so much for reading

Why not just play Halo 3.

Becuase no one plays it anymore, and i ended selling my xbox, plus, i would really love to make this, for people on pc, and i really want to get into coding, and this is a great start for me, i would love to attempt a remake of halo 3 on gmod,
You can say the same for the hidden remakes and other game remakes

But there is a difference between porting one game using the same engine as GMod and a whole game that uses a seperate engine.

Very true, and i know, it is impossible to port the maps, but maybe someone has been working on some, or maybe some guns ect, im just asking if anyone is nice enough to let me use some of them, which i will give credit to them ect, it’s just hard doing this all alone, and i am fairly new to coding, and i am using all my time coding lua, and yeah, just hoping some people are nice enough to donate some of there weps they made ect

Oh look, models and some maps.

While it does sound like a neat idea, I think the game modes the G-mod community offers are much better then the game modes from Halo 3… but… I DO have a nostalgic soft spot for them (I remember sitting on my futon, laughing and having a blast in Garbage disposal, or hurricane, etc…) so I think we should try taking the game modes, and adding a bit of a gmod spin to them, to enhance them a bit. I think some of my favorite game modes were the death/puzzle maze things… oh my god those were so fun and hectic!

halo 3 pc is coming.
i know it. just wait for it instead, incorporating everything halo will take fucking ages

Huh, guess this’ll be the first thread I’ll be posting in then… didn’t think it would be one about Halo on a mostly Garry’s mod/Rust forum, but whatever. Anyway, I don’t think Halo 3 will be coming out anytime soon for PC tbh, they said it would years ago, why would they waste their time releasing it on PC now when interest has moved on?

it hasn’t
not all of it

If they realeased it on pc, they would make a crap ton of money. It’s microsoft, they will just port it easily, then make so much money of it, i hope they just don’t port it heaps easily, and actually try to make it really good on the pc, but believe me, it would be stupid not too,
also, adding halo 1 and 2 to steam, great idea, they get heaps of money, for a game that they made ages ago, and doesn’t cost them a cent!
They would be sooo stupid if they didn’t

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Yeah, well i have been checking there, and i don’t seem to quite find too much… i was hoping someone had stuff in dev, and would give a release date ect

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You mean like Saw? i loved that

I remember those type of maps too… where you only got energy swords, and you had to break down cement barriers and going through puzzle, while a very slow zombie chases you… ah… the memories.

Also, as Saxton said before, I don’t think they’ll be releasing it on PC, and I defiently don’t think they’ll be releasing H2 and H1 on Steam either! They got their very own Windows Live gaming store thing on Windows 8, which some say poses an actual threat to steam. So, allowing Valve to sell H2 and H1 on steam would be like EA allowing Steam to sell Battlefield 3 on Steam, while they have they’re own (crappy/shitty/broken/horrible/fuckingstupid) Origin thing. If they do port H3 to PC, it will be on the Windows Live store… and IF they do, they better have an actual map editor like H2 and H1 did