Halo 3 Maps!

Hello! I am currently working on a halo 3 gamemode, with ice cream man, fat kid, president vip, ghostbusters, duckhunt and more!
Only problem, i don’t know how to port or create maps
If someone is awesome enough to port halo 3 maps, and custom maps, like the fat kid maps, duck hunt maps ect.
I assume it isn’t easy, and i will give 100% credit to you and you can add credits to the map ect,
I really hope that this is like the exact maps, looks same, feels same ect, i really want to re-create the halo 3 experience i miss so much
i am working on a halo 3 hud, and everything, i am doing this alone and it is really hard, so someone being able to make the maps would be great
also, if for example it’s a fat kid map, can you have Terriost spawn as fat kid and infected and Counter Terriost as humans, same goes for duck hunt ect
I really apreciate all this, also, it doesn’t have to be a halo 3 map, you can make your own fat kid, ghostbuster, duck hunt ect map
Thanks so much!

You can’t port Halo 3 maps to Source. You will have to recreate them.
However, I think I remember someone working on some Halo 3 textures a while back.

Sucks you can’t port, that means if i or someone wanted to re-create a halo map, we would have to make every single asset and texture, and i know nothing of that
Hopefully someone is already creating one?
I hope so :slight_smile:

I think the best we’re gonna get is Foundry and Sandtrap

I was excited when you said sandbox, but it was sandtrap, but!
Sandtrap is great for one reason!
there are many gamemodes playable on that map, that dont need edits, this is great <3
Nice find!

If you are remaking Halo 3 maps I would recommend making all of the structure geometry as accurate as possible by modeling and implementing as prop_statics instead of using brushwork. Probably the easiest way to do this would be to make the interiors and exteriors as separate models, bake lighting onto the interiors and light the interiors and exteriors in-engine using info_lighting origins in the appropriate independent lighting conditions.

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good luck with the textures though. :v:

Haha, info_lighting origins
Hah… Hah…