Halo 3 ODST Drop Pod v1

This is a discussion of my Halo 3 ODST Drop Pod v1. I am looking for help / suggestions for v2.
Please, I am not afraid to take criticism, but don’t be a minge about it.

Sorry, I’m not sure how to upload pics here :stuck_out_tongue:

Pics are on the gmod page.

A link or some pictures please?

Putting it in the right section helps. Try contraptions.



it looks horrible dude, sorry.

you got nothing nice to say dont say anything at all. i doubt you took the
time to look at version 2 and / or take a second to give recommendations
rather than 1 sentence. learn to post.

here’s something nice for you

it’s terrible

Anyone that says someone elses contraptions suck cannot build for crap and need to get a life. Drop pod looks good btw.

Or they just have more expierience in building contraptions than this person and the drop pod is possibly crap compared to theirs…just sayin, you need to look at both perspectives.

I’m only voice my opinion. which is all about honesty. eat a dick.

This looks pretty funky, defiantly worth a try.
Good job


idea what about a thing that kicks the door or knocks it down so u can get out also its hard to get in

Everyone has their own opinions.

So just because Micheal bays movers suck compared to Steven,Doesn’t mean you have to quit it…Improve your skills.

Now for a mild halo rant: Where are the red buttons :slight_smile: