Halo 3 ODST Drop Pod Version 1

This is a discussion of my Halo 3 ODST Drop Pod v1. I am looking for help / suggestions for v2.
Please, I am not afraid to take criticism, but don’t be a minge about it.


Bit simple, but I wouldn’t know, we need details, lots of ppl haven’t played odst, also, post pics in the forum

Try working on how it looks, like, smooth out the outside. And PLEASE get different materials, the metal ladder material would look better, and if you use the color tool, then they usually equal awesome. pretty good concept, though.

Pretty nice. I think someone will eventually make a vehicle, that does that too. I betting on Sakarias.

Looks nice i might pimp it out more.

thanks guys. im telling you, version 2 is much cleaner and sleak. i have added a good seat with a cool ‘get in’ animation. ill see if i can get you guys pictures. its nearly done, i need to strengthen it out a bit and add sounds. OH… btw… BLOW OFF HATCH :smiley:


also guys, you need to tell me how to post pics in the forum. if you do, youll get tons of pics of V1 and some sneak peaks of V2. please, let me know.


PHX and wire. if you are getting errors tell me and ill see if i can help out.


Sorry they don’t show up on the forum guys. HELP ME OUT!

Use tags I think.

there ya go

Looks awesome. Now all we need is a drop pod bay and medrop to finish his ODST and fix his guns.

thanks man, really lol thanks


ya, i’m going to use the In Amber Clad model and hopefully make a working drop pod pay out of it. My friends and i are also thinking of making a little movie with this. we were going to take the audio from the live action ODST trailer, and just use it for our gmod movie. like a replica with gmod.


don’t forget you guys, if you read the readme you get a pass to my server and could possibly use the drop pod v2. and help with our movie

The interior is decent but the exterior isn’t shapely at all, certainly doesn’t look much like the droppods.

Well, Woop de doo, I was working on a comic like that. It was the training sequence. It was stalled by medrops ODST problems. But a movie seems cool. Do I need a mic?

here are some pics of v2 (still in progress)

more pics here:


look at the pics of v2 Morbo and tell me what you think. i need this criticism to help me out.

BTW: The hatch does not open up like that. ive figured out how to attach it, then blast it off. its very cool. the spartan ragdolls will not be included.
if i get permission (or not, either way) i will include the RT screens pack, as you see the spartan on screen. V2 should be released in a few days
but i need your guys’ thoughts on how it is before i release it, also i need enough downloads to know that V2 will be noticed

Mind sharing some sort of reference pic?..

Here, its hard to get it EXACTLY the way the pod looks, because the hatch covers
the screen if your not careful

im going to work on the pod looking more like that, but the problem is that if i put to much stuff on the hatch, it will look weird when your falling (the hatch lags behind the pod).

if not v2, then v3 i will try to make all the details of the hatch much nicer.

alright guys, i have good news and bad news.
bad news: nocolliding issues are a real bitch…
good news: the hatch has been worked on,
and now the rt screens on attatched to that instead.
it also has decorative screens. if i smart constraint the
pod tho it become unbelievably laggy. so im going to try
to get rid of that.

If stuff lags behind your pod, try the parent tool. Parent your wire to the main body so that it stays in the same spot. :slight_smile:

no no no, i got it. i might try parenting it, but i finally got the hatch to have the screens. ill post some more pics later, ive been sick and have to make up an assload of work. should be done soon.

It needs to explode into tiny little pieces when it hits the ground.

Or the door should blast off when its on the ground and the player leaves the vehicle.

Just because that’s badass.

Dude! I cant wait for V2! but how can you view other team mates and vice versa?

Super cool design!