Halo 3 : ODST model

make something like this

EDIT I don’t want a npc i need a fingerposable ragdoll and dont make the visor blue

They’re working on Halo ports in this thread.

There’s also an ODST in this pack but I never downloaded it, so I don’t know the quality of it or whether it’s the regular Halo 3 version or the better looking H3:ODST one.

That ODST in there is medrops EXTREMELY old update of his odst remake model.

So that one is PURE shit.

revive plz?

i know there’s a halo player models pack somewhere, i downloaded it via SVN and it had a fully rigged ODST

Do you mean the one where you can customize your player model the way you can in H3 or are you talking about something else?

something else, it just contained a bunch of different colored spartans, an odst, and a marine or something.

Well heres some Halo 3 marines

(Not made by me)