halo 3 odst sgt johnson

srry for the title it got mixed up i meant only the marine version as see in the pics below
hey guys i was wondering if anyone could port and rig to be a ragdoll for sgt johnson from halo 3 if anyone has already made could you tell me?
this one plz guys:

guys i just want him in normal marine outfit plz guys thx
heres another if u need it:

That’s almost impossible…

hahahahaha no it’s not check out my thread i’ll have him up soon


i looked in there already hes not there could you tell me the page number thx

o i haven’t fully got him done yet but he will be soon, i’ll have a pic up either last tonight or tomorrow

So he’ll be done soon I’m geussing cause that’ll be sick

I’m pretty sure there’s one that’s fully poseable and not buggy or anything. Let me pull up a picture…

okay I can’t find it. Must’ve been removed or something.

There is but, it’s one of those damned private models that people like to keep for themselves.

Ya Damn that FT guy.

i think you’re thinkin about one of the pages in the odst wip and stuff thread i saw it too

I thought that was part of a WIP pack. Or was that just the Halo 3 marines?

I think all of them idk ask bloo.

Nah, saw it near the perskin thread.

Like ‘Someone has fallen for Sergeant Johnson’ and he had the funniest face ever.

srry thats the marine version im thinkin of

Lillwasa has fallen in love <3

I only love you Nexus.

No homo.

Pretty sure that’s it, too bad it’s private.

man i wish those guys would release that cause that would be kick ass

While we’re on Halo, I’d like to see unmasked DARE from ODST :3

There’s already DARE with her Recon outfit, but I want a model without her helmet.

If you want a public release of him, check Corra’s thread and ask if they’d be willing to add him to their list. I’m sure Corra would be willing to extract the files when he’s got the time. Acepilot might be willing to ragdoll him after he’s done with whatever he’s doing.