Halo 3 ODST Silenced SMG.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to port the H3 ODST SMG into Gmod and requesting one too.

I’m not sure if this is of any use at all but I’ll leave it here just in case.

Looks like a heavily modded MP7

could be interesting though… the stock and group look a bit odd though

Good luck getting this

Yeah, without the stock, it looks like a silenced MP7 PDW with curved grips. (That might have been intended, though.) They have many TMP skins on FPS banana that would fit this with some modification, so you may want to start there.

I’m wondering if it is possible to make a prop using that model file in the link in the OP.

It is a model file for a modeling program, not for a game. Therefore, it’s quite possible to port it since it hasn’t been compiled yet.

it has been ported already as well as the pistol




if it hadn’t been done already the easiest way would be to get the smg model from the halo 2 models pack and add a silencer to it, for the pistol you could get the halo 1 pistol and make it black

For the record, I have a Halo CE model that you guys can use


veeeeery ugly

tear the normal maps and envmaps were being tested at the time. they can be modified at any time easily if you know how to edit them on paint.net or just turn the off. other than that, it would look better. i was experimenting but i had no time to fix so i just released them as is. at least someone could fix them.

There is a silenced smg in the pc version of halo 2 thats only available via the map editor - so if someone could rip that then job done.

As I said, I have the H3B model and textures, I’m willing to hand it out for this

Someone REALLY needs to turn these into SWEPS!!! SOON!!!

All in all though, its a good model.

I was searching a youtube video and found this thread. Would this help as well?