Halo 3 : ODST VISR

Make it like this,

P.S. Clientside please. :stuck_out_tongue:

I requested this ages ago but with everything.

If you wanted it like this just so the creator knows.

Enamy’s glow red friendly’s glow green weapons and entity’s blue and everything els I think it is a dark yellow.

your health is the line at the top. a health bar.

bah. I support this request.

I would like this but I wonder how it is generated. Is it if there is a big jump delta between ray-traces it draws a pixel between or what? lol

EDIT: NVM it’s colored celshading. I might try to code this lol.


I won’t be able to do it for the environment. It doesn’t have it’s own separate model to shade.

It doesn’t in ODST. See the buildings aren’t only some broken things. Also remember the outline feature is toggleable.

this sounds awesome. BTW why are people asking for so much halo stuff?

I also requested this a while ago so I suppose I support it.

Maybe I caused this request with my SWEP?


Halo Reach perhaps?

Impossible! This request was made days/weeks before your swep.

Yeah but someone sent me a PM requesting it.

thats what i was thinking, cant wait for halo reach btw

I would like to see this done. It’s really just night vision with differently colored highlights on certain npcs

and coloured weapons and entity’s XD

CC1 stopped working on it :frowning: