Halo 3 ODST

[release][tab]Halo 3 ODST[/tab]
[tab]Description:[/tab] Ported the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers from Junin’s Fallout 3 mod. Several body-groups for gear and skin groups included!
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Major thanks to Medrop, J-dawg, and Junin for the models/textures, and Letsgroove and Nexus Elite for hand textures.[/release]





Looking good.

Mucho gracias for the release, been hoping for something like this for a while.

Zm_lv426 right?


I came rainbows.

Would be better if it had some shader effects such as phong or envmaps.

Don’t say “it makes it look like plastic” because FO3 stuff looks utter shit in GMod otherwise.

Ok, I’ll upload a fix as soon as I can.

Looks amazing, they will come and handy.

Wooo…I know what I’m using for my next pic.

can i have the link for the map i can’t find on gmod.org

Aww yeah, I’m gonna make like 20 poses just for Halo Reach.

Here, have my first born.

Cool, nice work.


Those texture looks great, nice work!

Wow, excellent work man!

Sweet, got my DL!