Halo 3 ODST

Dying for playermodels

i owe you my life

Fucking cool.

Those shoulder pad from sniper is from medrop right?

where did you get those weapons?

Yeah me too whered you get those guns

cough http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=102622

I knew it…

And I’m not entirely sure where the Sniper armguard came from. It might be the one Medrop made, since he was part of the Fallout 3 mod project.

Ok thanks Srgt


Damn, I really need to learn modelling so I could re-rig these for player models and NPCs - with the OP’s permission of course. But that probably won’t be happening anytime soon since i’m too stingy to even get the trials for the modelling programs…

EDIT: Although it seems people are already trying. Some guy made NPCs:

Actually, the rigging already permits them to be used as players and NPCs. I just need to edit the QC file so a version for playermodels can be made.

my only complaint is when i went to try and pose them the head is… stiff i can’t make it look up or around very much or even at all, if you could fix that, thatd be awsome

Ou MaM ODST 0_- Wery Wery nice =)

Spawn soda can prop.
No collide soda can prop with ODST.
Place can on top of ODST’s head.
Add 2 cups flour.
Weld can to ODST’s head.
Now unfreeze both the can and head and you can then use the can to manipulate the head more freely.

Nice to see your jacking mods from the FO3 mod community. Just kidding but seriously though im from the mod community of fallout 3 and we are having issues with gun reload anims. is there a way to extract weapon anims from HL2 or CSS (or some other source game) and convert the animation file to .kf (the animation file type for FO3)?

Also works on arms. :v:


has anyone else set these to be the rebels and citizens in HL2? I should make a video of it…

Can you do this with other stubborn ragdolls? I had no fricking idea, that sounds so helpful! :smiley:

yeah, works with anything