Halo 3 Player models mod.

Hey all I dont think I have ever posted on here before but for my first post I would like the help of a LUA scripter.

I am planning to make a Halo 3 Player model mod for Gmod where you can pick your color shoulderpads chestplate and helmet in the same way you do in Halo 3. I need somone to LUA script this because I am new to it, however I am not new to Modelling so this release will be of the best quality. Heres a pic of the models. Will anyone help me? The models are rigged compiled and work great ingame. I will have to recompile the models with bodygroups however anyone who can help will know what I mean.


I implore you great Facepunch community to help me make this dream a reality :smiley:

Hey all just thought I would add a pic of what the menu should look like.


I hope you all like it. But I do really need help with this.

So noone will help me. I also have a thread about it in models which shows some more of the better models please check it out.


i am new to lua but i thnk that would be almost impossible

else try the hat maker thingy it maybe can help u

hope u get help awesome idea… XD

best wishes

Thanks mate, but no its not impossible I just dont know how to do it D: I hope somone will here my plea and look at the other thread the models are really good and the idea is to.

Damn that looks Awesome.
you might need to get lots of models, with different colour arrangements…

This is a cool idea.

This would be vert easy with hatmod, if each armor piece were seperated into different props. Simply seperate the armor into indidual modules, download hatmod, and you would be able to easily customize not only the types of armor but also the colors with color control.