Halo 3 Player models mod.

Hello Everyone.

Today is the day I am releasing the Halo 3 Player models mod, for those of you following the development of this mod I thank you all for your patience and now I can give you what we have been working so hard to achieve.




So what does this mod give you?

Well it gives you all Halo 3 Player Models in the form of a spawn menu for Posing

A Beta Halo Player Model Generator, Which allows you to make your own spartan and play as him/her (Still in beta many bugs)

Please make sure you READ the README, becauseit has some information you will need to know, and now without much further adue I give you the download.




This looks good.

AWESOME! wait…file temporarily unavailable?

Uh this may be because I Just uploaded, it should work. I will upload to another site so there is a couple more options.

:golfclap: This is awesome. Downloading as soon as the link works… :byodood:

Oh ok, this is amazing, your work truly paid off.

It is up and running now.


Im so happy you released this :slight_smile:

Congratulations on finishing this project.

No it’s not.

Wouldn’t it have been better to have SEVERAL release places, so this “File unavailable” stuff doesn’t happen?

**EDIT:**Ok, NOW it works.

SO the Download link is working now thank god, so enjoy everyone :smiley: and make sure you READ the readme, gmod takes forever to load up with the mod on.

I am uploading to another site now.

FUCKING EPIC,DLing it now!!! :___/

I can’t download it. But I will wait for the mirrors to come up.

Im dl’ing it!
@Project_Zero: can i upload an gmod.org mirror?

Fucking nice, man.

I have a little question, how do i apply the playermodel? Also the customization screen is a bit too short , i cant see the shoulder pads option. Any clue how to fix this? Btw awsome work

The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable.


Ok new link is up. Also if you want to upload to gmod.org make sure you credit ALL of the authors correctly.

This mod is epic! And i wonder if someone makes a gamemode and puts your mod into it Zero. Also…it might be temporarily unavailable because your all attempting to download it at once.

Also where is BodyGroup Changer or is that the same thing as the skin switcher?