Halo 3/Reach Energy Sword and Phantom Dropship Model

Yeah, I know exactly what you’re thinking. “Fuck, just another one of these retarded request threads that are good for nothing but ignoring?” Well, you’re thinking right for the most part. All I’m looking for is a Covenant Phantom model, as well as an energy sword model for Source with the following features, nothing more. I could probably learn to do a lot of this myself, but, for the sake of time, I can’t as of now.

What I’m in need of:

-Skin-grouped blade on the Energy Sword (One of the skingroups needs to make the blade simply ‘disappear,’ as if it were powered off or out of energy.)
-Glowing and transparent textures for the Energy Sword (The blade for the most part. I don’t know if there’s a way to do this, as, I’ve yet to see one yet.)
-I don’t ACTUALLY need physics on either of them, especially less so for the Phantom. These are primarily for use in SFM.
-On the Phantom, I’d like for the doors on the side bay to at least be bones that I can manipulate.
-I’d like to have two separate skingroups on the model, one with the Green Seperatist (Elite) markings.

Aside from those, that’s all I really need. Also, I didn’t make a mistake on the skingroups part for the sword. I’d prefer that because of a script in the Source Filmmaker that can change skins over time, to give the illusion of the sword powering up. If that’s too difficult, it does work with bodygroups as well, but, I simply guessed on which looked nicer. If anyone’s willing to do this, but doesn’t have the necessary files, I have extracted them from quite a while ago. I’d PM the appropriate files if you’d be willing to convert them to MDL.

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