Halo 3 Style Hud

Is it possible to get a halo 3 style hud so It looks like you’re wearing a helmet but still get the most field of vision as possible?

Its been a while… Is anyone gonna reply?

It’s been 3 hours!

What a waste of a thread 1 sec i think theres something like the helmet hud ill reply if i can find it


Fuck halo 3, Halo 1 is where it’s at :3. You could easily make it, I could take a whack at it when I’m done with my practice HUD I’m doing, but it might come out ugly at first…

Halo 1 hud was already made for gmod and it was very ugly and worked horribly, Halo 3 might work better

yeah I sort of joked around with that a bit. I forgot what the Halo 3 HUD looks like, and the bad thing is I was only playing it the other day. I know it’s got some pain in the ass curve in it somewhere…that’s going to be a bitch to do.

There is a similar looking helmet hud made by Night-Eagle called predator hud I think.

EDIT: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=354712

Might be what you’re looking for, I dunno.

I used that, Its very close but not it

as i said i found something very near to it i just cant find it 1 sec ill look again

That is as close as you can get I think Matt, I might have a whack at modifying it, I loved that HUD so much.

**EDIT: **Okay that’s a no go for editing, that shit is complex.

reasons halo 1 sucks

bad graphics
no ragdolls
boring gameplay
only like 10 weapons
less things to shoot at
fake as fuck
and its the first one so it isnt upgraded like the others

p.s. halo 2 was the funist


Shut up. Seriously. The heads up display for all three games was better than anything you shits could come up with.

Halo 1 was from 2001 It didnt have ragdolls as they were too taxing for the engine at the time
Its graphics arent as good becasue its from 2001 that what games were like then!

Of course it wasnt “Upgraded” it was the first try and many of the concepts for vehicles and weapons wernt even concieved at the time.

Less things to shoot at? there was elites,grunts,jackals,flood baloons,flood carriers, hunters and flood assault class (the big leapy ones) it had enough for what it was.
Fake as fuck? its a video game, they’re all fake, its called fiction…

And the Gameplay is good, there is alot of tense fighting, a good few scares and a shitload of awesome
The story is great too.

dont bother comparing half life 2 to it, half life 2 is’nt as old as halo (2004) so its graphics and physics engine are of a greater caliber of refinement and such.

and yes, halo 2 was funny

Personally, I’d love a halo heads up display.
Please someone find one =]

Make a Halo 1 mc head (3ds max or something…) and then use hat maker and put the helmet on ya head? might work but just try it anyways.


ok i think it might work or not work. Make up a halo 1,2 or 3 helmet (3ds max or something) and use hat maker or PAC for short and open up pac and put the helmet prop the head as if it was a helmet. then TADA!

Obvious 10 year old who does not respect old games.

Making a ‘hat’ won’t magically make the HUD.

Duh, because it’s so cool to diss years of hard work and development on top of thousands of lines of code just by saying, “<game> sucks.”

:siren::derp: halo is fake as fuck, im so cool, i culd make an beter game. :derp::siren:

Flaming aside, is anyone actually working on this?