Halo 3 UNSC Weapons

Halo 3 UNSC Weapons Release:

Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=131129

This release is not guaranteed to function properly

These weapons are not sweps.

Includes: Enhanced looks of previously released halo weapon models by Nazo Okami.

Ma5c (Assault Rifle)

BR55HB SR (Battle Rifle)

M7 (Sub Machine Gun)

M6G (Pistol)

99D-S2 (Sniper Rifle)

M19 SSM (Rocket Launcher)

LAu-65D/SGM-151 (Missile Pod)

M90 (Shotgun)

M7057 (Flamethrower)

Extract materials, models and settings to garrysmod/garrysmod.

Sweet, nice to see some more Halo stuff being released.

You have done the community a good thing.

Nice work

thank, it’s great.


Very nice!

Nice work!

Nice stuff!


Oh look what I found in the facebook comments:

My advice is to just ignore the crap people say on garrysmod.org; it’s almost never anything other than complaints and whining.

I think he is talking about another halo 3 beta pack because i remmember something like this but this are better at all

I love you for these.

Edit: Any possible way you could get good MP Spartans from Halo 3? Like with default armor variants.

Expect a halo 3 covenant weapons release in the future:

Is there the Machine gun in this?